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31 March
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I'm currently employed at a department store as an assisstant in the dvd/tv/music/games section and I've been there for almost five years, which is coming up on a long time for my age and 'salary'. I'm still casual, although I get an average twenty hours a week. It isn't much, but I can't complain, living at home how I do and all. I want to get another job, but I'm hesitant, because I know I'm good at what I do and I like the interaction. I like being able to be honest with a customer on what they should get based on previous experience and what best suits their situation, rather than how much the thing costs since I don't have to worry over losing commission on the sale.

I'd much rather be a published author and that is still my dream. It started as a kid, and I've been gradually improving my literary skills and the way I set things out, learning all about the proper grammar and how to make an accent sound when you type it. I want to be able to walk into a bookstore one day and see my name up there and to know people read my work and enjoy it.

I'm fairly obsessed with manga and anime at the moment, and I write fanfiction for the ones I can pull an alternative plot from. I focus mainly on Naruto at the moment, since I write only Slash, or Boy Love, fiction. I'm a sucker for a good, well thought out plot and good graphics, otherwise I lose interest and don't bother continuing. And if it involves Boy Love/Shonen-ai/Yaoi, the more the merrier!

My moods tend to switch between apathetic and defensive, fairly often too. I can't seem to find a medium and, although I know it pisses a lot of people off, I'm quite content this way. My real nature tends to be snarky in a lazy sort of way, and sarcasm comes fairly easy to me. I like being able to be snarky to someone I hate and have them mistake my manner as polite or some such thing.

I'm using this journal mostly as a venting point when I feel like bothering to update or post. I'll also be putting up some of my original and fanfiction writings, depending on how good I view them as.