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Take A Breath And Just Jump

Is it normal to be utterly terrified of starting an online Uni course? I mean, how exactly does one go about asking that to a person's face? Better yet, is it expected to be able to work your way around the mental 'huh?' that pops up when staring at the Cultural Theory textbook?

It has to be pretty bad when the Introduction in that book alone makes my head spin in circles. I love reading, and learning is like a breath of fresh air, but the second I opened that damn book my heart sank and all I could think was 'oh, fuck'.

Somehow, my imagination tells me that all the other students enroled to do this (at any point mind you) are so much smarter than me, people with higher IQ's who will laugh and snicker behind their computer screens at the poor woman unable to comprehend the philosophical sounding book. Realistically (and logically) I know this isn't the case. Maybe one or two people will laugh at some stupid comment I am bound to say in these forums, but really, what else can I honestly expect?

It gets easier, right? They wouldn't do all this if it was impossible to do the units without direct access to lecturers and uni resources.


Zoo Day!

Well, off to the city to spend money on manga and go snap happy at the zoo. Please hold off rain!

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WIP Poem

Late at night I fall asleep,
And in my dreams I hear you weep.
Your fears and troubles haunt for weeks.
In the light, no time to waste.

In life and day you match the pace,
Forgetting the world surrounding you.
What's left but for you to go?

I could give you everything,
Pass you every second of time,
Help your voice to sing.

But every night we fall asleep,
And no one's willing to hear us weep.
We light the light for one last time,
Forgetting everything we lost.

We choose to forget the cost,
Accepting each and every loss,
Like it's just a matter of time,
Before we reach the end of the line.

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Dec. 4th, 2011

Had to laugh yesterday. Eftpos machines in the whole shopping centre went down. Sooo much bitching done by customers who had to go, get cash and then come back.


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Odd not-so-little Muse

Maybe I'm weird, (or slightly unhinged, whichever the reader chooses to use) but I find myself inspired to write when I work, which is weird all on it's own. Imagine a plot bunny running rampant in your head while serving customers. Sounds fun, right?

It's not. I find myself getting muddled over the simplest things and saying random words instead of what I mean to say.

And I run out of doodling paper too.

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Original Naruto Fanfic

I wasn't overly sure about this, but I figured I just had to put it up, since I wrote it and all...

Title: Soen no Shinobi
Fandom: Naruto
Timeline: Set approximately one hundred and ninety-nine years after the destruction of Konoha by Pein
Rating: M
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Pairings: M-OC/M-OC, Senju Seiko/Kamoshida Keiji
Summary: As the festival for the bicentennial of New Konoha grows closer, unrest begins to stir throughout the shinobi nations. Rumours of a Fifth Shinobi War began to circulate, causing Konoha to fear the rise of another nukenin faction aiming to destroy everything the Rokudaime, Uzumaki Naruto, had worked towards. The descendants of the Konoha Eleven move to ensure their villages safety, while Senju Seiko, the last living member of the Senju clan, suddenly finds himself face-to-face with one of the legendary Soen shinobi. Why have the Soen nin begun to appear throughout the nations? Are they gearing up for a war? Or are they in the middle of it?
Warnings: This fic will contain images of a disturbing and violent nature, which may disturb some readers; it will contain violence and fight scenes, torture, abuse and death. The use of Japanese words will be liberal in relation to both jutsu’s and the names of various objects or items. This fic will also contain shonen-ai, otherwise known as male/male romance situations, as well as heterosexual relations.
Chapter OneCollapse )

Writer's Block: Be true to your school

How do you feel about public versus private schooling?
I personally attending public schooling for both Primary and High School and I have no idea why so many people want to pay extraordinary amounts of money just to send their kids to some snotty school. Sure, public schools have a lot of problems, but that's caused by the very same people who refuse to send their kids there. I learned alot about life, about how to deal with things you don't normally get taught, for that I am forever grateful, and I don't regret ever attending a public school. And what about those non-religious kids? I've never seen a Private school that isn't run mostly on religion. I myself am unwilling to believe in a monotheistic(sp?) religion, and I tend to learn more towards the scientific end of things. So, what do those kids do when their parents decide to send them to a school that bases whole classes on the subject of religion?

Aug. 19th, 2010

I'm tired.

Which isn't so odd, I suppose, but I'm not sleepy. Which is strange, being tired but not sleepy. It feels like my brain has slowed down and is attempting to match speeds with a lethargic snail carrying a truck load in its shell. But not sleepy.

I'm almost tempted to just lie in bed and read instead of the normal things, like sleeping. I don't even want to read a book. Nope, I want to go on aff.net and read a story called Partners by...Ayaro? Ayara? Meh, one or the other. It's got something like 200+ chapters and a really in depth history that you only see glimpses of really. I think I'm up to chapter 82?

Or I could work on my own story notes, which is strangely not a tempting idea. Hmm. Though Danel is currently constantly occupying my mind all the time. He has really nifty eyes.

But, if it's all the same, I suppose I should at least put my laptop away. Maybe then I'll get sleepy?

Jul. 27th, 2010

I've officially decided that I'm going to do NaNoWriMo this year. A bit early, I know, but I missed it last year, plus the idea of doing 50k+ words in thirty days was massively daunting. However, I think I can do it.

I think...

The problem is figuring out which plot to go with, and whether or not I need to start planning it all out right now. I do have one idea, which really is just a bunch of notes and names and a sort of vague idea of how the story will go. At least I know what the main character looks like and how his personality should evolve...

Maybe this might not work, but, then again, I might just be able to pull it off without going absolutely insane. I'm currently seeing if I can do it with a Naruto fiction. Four days in and 9252 words already.

Looking hopeful!



In and out, like the slow spread of hot breath on chilled windows,

Up and down, like the phantom movements of childhood swings.

Left and right, like the longing gazes in silent faces.